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    Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food
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    I wake up in the morning thinking about food
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    Making sushi is an art, and experience is everything

High-quality and natural ingredients

High-quality and

natural ingredients
High-quality and natural ingredients

Delicious and healthy creations

Delicious and healthy creations
Delicious and

healthy creations


Ingredients: spaghetti/ mushrooms/ tomato/ olive oil/ onion/ red chilli

The classic Italian pasta

Ingredients: penne/ tomato/ basil/ oil

Vegetarian twist on the Italian classic carbonara

Ingredients: linguine/ ricotta cheese/ lemon / peas/ spinach

Ingredients: spaghetti/ pesto/ parmesan


Ingredients: spelt/ Borlotti Beans/ Cannellini beans/ celery/ carrots/ onion/ potatoes

Ingredients: pumpkin puree/ parsley/ onion/ thyme/ peppercorns


A fillet with a few choice veggies

Ingredients: halibut/ butter/ lemon/ shallot/ lettuce

Grilled salmon with mixed vegetables and shrimps.

Ingredients: salmon/ lemon/ zucchini/ shrimp/ yellow wax beans/ potatoes

A Continental recipe made from grilled fish served with saute vegetables like carrot and spinach.

Ingredients: lime juice/ spinach/ shallots/ sea bass fillet/ carrots

simple garlicky clams with lemon and parsley

Ingredients: olive oil/ pepper/ garlic/ white wine/ clams/ lemon juice/ parsley


All our burgers are served with homemade fresh skin on fries and a side salad.

Ingredients: beef/ egg/ onion/ ketchup/ lettuce/ tomato/ mayonnaise

A healthy dish, full of sunshine flavours

Ingredients: potatoes/ courgette/ onion/ tomatoes/ black olives/ chicken breast fillets/ olive oil/ green pesto

Roast duck with cherry sauce.

Ingredients: duck breasts/ thyme/ anise/ butter/ shallot/ olive oil/ red plums/ red wine

Thin slices of beef sirloin are quickly stir-fried with colorful vegetables and soy sauce.

Ingredients: beef/ vegetables/ soy sauce

Ingredients: green beans/ tomato/ carrots/ onion/ lettuce/ olives

Ingredients: melanzana/ hummus/ eggplant/ pomegranate

Ingredients: mushrooms/ cabbage/ roots

Gorgeous blueberry cupcakes are light, fluffy, and ultra soft.

There's nothing like a piece of cake to make the end of a meal special.

Fresh cherry cake with a hint of cinnamon

A deliciously spicy cheese tart, and the best thing for dipping a tomato cherry chutney

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